Please call (989) 269-9987 and ask for:

Court Administrator
Elaine Moore

Financial/Bond Clerk
Suzanne Draher

Landlord/Tenant Clerk
Jamie Wood

Deputy Court Administrator / Criminal Clerk
Megan Shedd

Jury Clerk
Please call (989) 269-7988

ADA (American’s with Disabilities Act) Coordinator
Please call (989) 269-7988

Pretrial Services Officer
Karen Jensen
Please call (989) 269-8062

Language Access Coordinator
Elaine Moore

General Civil Clerk
Melissa Pallas

Small Claims Clerk
Jamie Wood

Probation Officer
Jesse Osentoski

Court Recorder (to request transcripts)
Please call (989) 269-7988

Traffic/Magistrate Clerk
Cristine Koglin
Please call (989) 269-7201

Clerical Support Clerk / Deputy Clerk
Heather Popiel