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52nd Judicial Circuit Court-Family Division

Office of the Friend of the Court

How do I file a complaint about the FOC?
The Friend of the Court Act has a grievance process for parties to express concerns about an FOC office’s operations or employees. A grievanc
e cannot change the FOC’s recommendation, a referee’s recommendation, or a judge’s decision.

A party may file a grievance about the FOC office’s operations or employees with the local FOC office by writing a letter, using the heading “Grievance” or using a grievance form.

Friend of the Court Grievance (FOC 1a).

Within 30 days, the FOC must investigate the grievance and respond in writing or explain why a response cannot be provided within that time. If a party is not satisfied with the FOC’s response, the party may file the same grievance with the chief circuit court judge.

A party may also file a grievance about office operations (but not FOC employees) with a Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC). Each county may appoint a CAC. Because the committee’s role is advisory, the meeting will be closed to the public. After the committee or subcommittee meets, it reports its findings to the chief judge and the county board of commissioners. Huron County does not have an active CAC.

How do I report misconduct of a judge or referee?
The Judicial Tenure Commission (JTC) reviews allegations of judge or referee misconduct. The JTC Commission can recommend that the Michigan Supreme Court discipline a judge or referee who has acted unethically. However, the JTC cannot change a court order or a referee’s recommendation. To change a court’s decision, a party must either
seek rehearing by the same court or file an appeal.

If you wish to file a complaint about misconduct by a judge or referee, contact:

Judicial Tenure Commission
Cadillac Place, Ste 8-450
3034 W. Grand Blvd.
Detroit, Michigan 48202

How do I file a complaint about an attorney?
The Attorney Grievance Commission investigates attorney misconduct. To file a complaint against your attorney (called a “request for investigation”), contact:

Attorney Grievance Commission - Buhl Building
535 Griswold, Suite 1700
Detroit, MI 48226

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