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52nd Judicial Circuit Court-Family Division

Office of the Friend of the Court

The Family Division of the Circuit Court was created by Public Act 388.  On January 1, 1998, the Friend of the Court became a unit in the Family Division of the Circuit Court. 


The Friend of the Court was founded in 1919.  It must exercise duties outlined in Michigan statute.

            MCL 552.501, et. seq. - Friend of the Court Act

            MCL 552.601, et. seq. - Support and Parenting Time Enforcement Act


The Friend of the Court is one part of the Michigan Child Support program.  It is also subject to state policy (referred to as IV-D policy) and IRS regulations.

            Child Support Team


Friend of the Court staff cannot provide legal advice or assist you with filling out forms.  If you require legal advice, you should consult with an attorney.  If you choose to represent yourself, you may find the following sources useful.

 Friend of the Court Handbook

 Pro Se Domestic Relationship Filing Checklist

            Michigan Legal Help

            State Court Administrative Office

            Friend of the Court Bureau

            Handbook of Legal Terms

            Michigan Court Rules

            Michigan Rules of Evidence

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