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The 73B District Court has taken an active approach in enforcing court orders in delinquent payment cases.

There are a variety of efforts in place to aid the identification of delinquent court ordered fines and costs. These efforts include:

  • Locating current addresses for delinquent cases: We are using several “people locator” programs and websites to assist us in finding current addresses for those who owe fines and costs to the court.

  • Payment plans: Individuals enter into a voluntary agreement to pay.

  • Withholding of wages: Used in conjunction with payment plans this may be used for those who fail to follow through with court ordered payments. In this situation, a portion of their paycheck will be forwarded to the court to pay off their balance at a reasonable rate.

  • Tax garnishments: By way of court order, we pursue payment through a person’s state income tax refund is collected. These tax garnishments can be renewed annually until the obligation to the court is satisfied.

  • Collecting past due fines and costs from prisoners: By request of the court, the Department of Corrections will withhold a portion of a prisoners commissary account and forward that amount to the court. The sweeps of their account occur until the outstanding obligation to the court is satisfied.

  • Pursuing past due Civil Infractions: The court date for the individual to appear in court to answer for why they have failed to pay their obligations in a timely manner. Failure to appear at this hearing will result in a bench warrant being issued for the individual.  If an individual fails to pay their civil infraction, court will set a hearing for the individual to show cause why they should not be held in contempt for failing to pay.  If the individual fails to appear at the show cause hearing a warrant for the individual's arrest will be issued.

Collections Staff:  Our staff will answer any other questions you might have.

73B District Court

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