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Traffic civil infractions are those traffic offenses that are not serious enough to be classified as crimes, but serious enough to deserve sanctions other than jail. Moving violations such as speeding, failing to signal, running a red light, improper turns, and failing to yield the right of way are all examples of civil infractions. The penalties for these types of violations include fines, costs and potential points on your driving record.


If you are ticketed or arrested in the County of Huron for a traffic violation or a city ordinance it will be for either a Civil infraction or Misdemeanor; definitions as follows:

Terms and Definitions

Civil Infraction
Civil infractions are traffic violations such as speeding, improper turn, safety belt. These traffic violations are non-criminal. See Civil Infraction/Traffic Fee Table  

Misdemeanor Traffic Violations
Misdemeanor traffic violations are violations such as drunk driving, driving while license suspended, improper plates. These traffic violations can result in arrest and/or may require court appearances.

Citation or Ticket
Citation means "a complaint or notice upon which a police officer shall record an occurrence involving one or more violations by the person cited." A citation can be a civil infraction or a misdemeanor depending on the seriousness of the violation. All individuals who receive a citation must respond to the allegations on the citation. Refer to the back of your citation or contact the court for procedures regarding misdemeanors. See Ticket Options 

Civil Infraction Informal Hearing
A hearing conducted by a magistrate involving the police officer, the defendant and any witnesses, held without a prosecutor or defense attorney.

Civil Infraction Formal Hearing
A hearing conducted only by a district court judge involving the police officer, defendant and all witnesses. The defendant may be represented by an attorney and a prosecutor must be present. A pre-trial will be scheduled prior to the formal hearing in Huron County. 

If you need to appear in court for a traffic or ordinance violation, be sure to bring the proper information with you.


  • Judges have discretion in handling cases that come before them. However, they do not have the ability to waive, raise or lower points on a violation that the defendant has admitted to, have committed, or been found responsible for. Points are assessed by the Secretary of State, not the court.

  • Michigan law requires the court to notify the Secretary of State of a plea or finding of responsibility. Upon this notification, it is the Secretary of State who will assess the points to an individual’s driving record.

Under Advisement: Michigan law makes taking a traffic matter “under advisement” unacceptable. Therefore, the 73B District Court does not take traffic matters under advisement.

Contact Information:

Attorney Magistrate: Jessica Testolin-Reinke

Magistrate Clerk: Erica Volmering
Phone Number: (989) 269-7201
Fax Number: (989) 269-6167



73B District Court

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