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Responding to a traffic ticket (civil infraction):

All civil infraction are due within 14 days of the date on the ticket. If you fail to pay or fail to request a court appearance within 14 days, you will be subject to late fees and possible suspension of your license.


Admission of Responsibility:

If you would like to admit responsibility without explanation for a civil infraction, you must do so within 14 days from the date you received your citation.  Please refer to the Civil Infraction/Traffic Fee Table for the price of your citation.  If your citation is not listed, please contact the Court.  Payment may be made in-person, by mail, online, or by telephone through our third party vendor.  Please see Make a Payment for more information.

Admission of Responsibility With Explanation:

You may admit responsibility with explanation of the circumstances by submitting the signed citation along with your letter of explanation to the court within 14 days of receiving the citation.  If payment of applicable fine and costs are not enclosed, the court will notify you by mail of the amount due and the payment deadline.  



Deny Responsibility:

YoTo deny responsibility is to contest the case.  Denials of responsibility or requests for hearings must be received with 14 days from the date your citation was issued.  After the court received your denial, an information hearing will be scheduled.  You will be required to appear in-person (or by Zoom with prior approval) for the informal hearing.  You may bring any witnesses or evidence you may need to prove your case.


If you have an attorney or wish to have a formal hearing, please contact the court.


Contact Information:

Phone: 989-269-9987

Fax: 989-269-6267



73B District Court

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