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73B District Court

250 East Huron Avenue

Room 105

Bad Axe, MI 48413

Phone:  989-269-9987       

Fax:  989-269-6167

Magistrate Phone: 989-269-7201

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Juror Notification

David B. Herrington

Court Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. except for Holidays

(We are open for lunch)

​Court Contact:

District Court Phone Number: (989) 269-9987

Magistrate Court Phone Number: (989) 269-7201

Fax: (989) 269-6167

The Court Handles the following matters within the communities we serve:

  • Criminal Cases: misdemeanors.

  • Felonies: initial jurisdiction for arraignment and preliminary examination.

  • Civil infractions: traffic and non traffic offenses

  • Small Claims: claim does not exceed $7,000.00

  • Landlord/Tenant and Evictions

  • General Civil matters involving lawsuits up to $25,000.00

Payments can be made at, in-person, by phone at 888.604.7888, or mailed to: 73B District Court, 250 E. Huron Ave., Room 105, Bad Axe, MI 48413


Megan Shedd
Court Administrator/Clerk of the Court
ADA Coordinator/Language Access Coordinator

Cristine Koglin
Deputy Court Administrator
Criminal Clerk
Court Recorder/Transcriptionist

Suzanne Draher
Financial/Bond Clerk

Jillian Ferris
Landlord Tenant Clerk
Small Claims Clerk
Court Recorder

Melissa Pallas
General Civil Clerk
Court Recorder

Heather Popiel
Deputy Clerk

Erica Volmering
Magistrate Clerk
Court Recorder

Laken Cook
Assignment Clerk
Court Recorder
Jury Clerk
Please call: 989-269-7988

Jamie Wood
Pretrial Services Officer
Please call: 989-269-8062

Jesse Osentoski
Probation Officer
Please call: 989-269-9530

Attorney Magistrate

Jessica L. Testolin-Reinke

73B District Court Judge

All persons attending court must abide by the following Court Policies:

  • SUBJECT TO SEARCH:  The court reserves the right to inspect all packages, bags, etc.  Potential weapons as well as cell phones and pages are prohibited.

  • PROPER ATTIRE REQUIRED:  Proper attire means neat, clean, presentable clothes that are decent and modest.

  • CELL PHONES:  Cellular phones must be turned off or on silent mode.

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